Cleveland Museum of Art, Wade Lagoon, Cleveland, Ohio

Nico has a well documented history of punking his mom in school photos. Shirt-swaps, fauxhawks, and earbuds have all made (unauthorized) appearances in pictures. I was half expecting him to attempt some shenanigans, but we made it through with no funny business. I was almost disappointed, but he did tell me this amazing story about a technology-based high school prank that he semi-pulled-off. (There may have been some community service hours involved as a result so this is why I use the label "semi.")

One of the things I love about senior session is that they often become a mother and child bonding session of sorts. In this insanely hectic world that only gets busier the more a kiddo progresses through school, slowing down to take a moment and reflect becomes a rarity. I often hop through a space with the senior as a parent (hi moms!) becomes a human coat hanger while they snap some behind the scenes photos on their phones. As they are weighed down with clothing and accessories, I often spot some stray tears as they watch their child from a distance looking their best and thinking about all that is ahead for them and their family.

What a head-spinning time. Deep breath moms, you got this.

Nico, (Solon High School Class of 2020), Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio