A Cleveland, Ohio Photo Collective


Shiny Penny Studios is a team of skilled event photographers brought together by the magic of theatre and community. We met working on various Cleveland stages and Keli quickly realized that the theatre kids with a love of photography had a backstage silent language from years of stage experience that could not be replicated. The show must go on mantra applies to all events. We happily do what needs to be done to get the job done. Sometimes that means ironing a pair of pants, supplying a safety-pin, or simply knowing when the leading players need to take a break. We join forces on bigger events while each keeping our specialty focus areas. 

We are a female, minority, and LGBTQ+ owned company that honors diversity. Our business management style is rooted in being environmentally sustainable and we practice leave no trace principles.

We are proud sponsors of the 2023 Cassidy Theatre Page to Stage 50th Anniversary season and the 2023/24 Near West Theatre Season. We are also proud to supply photography for The Temple-Tifereth Israel, The Cleveland Play House, E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall, Chagrin Arts, Avon Lake High School Performing Arts, Cleveland Heights High School, Fairview High School, Lorain Community Music Theatre, and North East Ohio Creatives. 

Keli Schimelpfenig

Troop Leader, Player One, Wild Child, Roaming Gnomie

As a photographer, I have a unique background in that I got my start on the theatre stage and not behind a camera. My theater directing experience allows me to anticipate moments of human emotion and expression that show in my work. Helping you to look your best, is what I do best. I also know a thing or two about great lighting, setting the scene, and wrangling groups of people and pets. (Don't underestimate the abilities of anyone who has directed a community theatre production of Annie, and has lived to tell the tale.) I started Shiny Penny Studios after falling in love with entertainment event photography and portraits while working in higher education and obtaining my MA in Theatre Directing from Case Western Reserve University. I formed the company in 2018 and made national news in 2020 with Dad Bods: A Year of Midwest Sexy.

Lover of sloth-paced hiking through our state and national parks with my 10 pound mutt, theatre (see above,) adopting way too many hobbies, wandering (responsibly) off path and general geekery.

Specialty areas include: large event coordination and logistics, photography education, weddings, branding, school marketing and visual strategy

Shiny Penny Studios owner and Cleveland wedding photographer Keli Schimelpfenig holds Nikon camera

photo, Hannah Floyd



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Hannah Floyd

Player Two, Songbird, Girl Friday, Kitten Wrangler

Before joining Shiny Penny Studio I graduated from Slippery Rock University getting a BA in music therapy and vocal performance. Though I majored in music, there was something that always fascinated me about photography. The way a single photo can bring so much joy and capture so many precious memories. Thankfully my family noticed this and as a graduation gift got me my first Nikon 3300. At first it started out as a hobby, but it has grown into a huge passion of mine. Now I work along side Keli and love that this is not only a job but a passion. Like Keli, I also have a background in theatre, making me be able to understand how to get genuine poses and reactions out of people. 

When I’m not taking photos you can find me traveling, singing a tune at karaoke, or snuggling with one of my pets. 

Specialty areas include: weddings, high school seniors

Cleveland photographer Hannah Floyd holds Nikon camera

photo, Keli Schimelpfenig

Whitney Miller

Player Three, Caffeine Fiend, Hot Goth, Left Hand Man

While I have a degree in Chemical Engineering, my passions have always revolved around artistic expression, spending the majority of my time in the theatre. (I think you can see the common thread between Keli, Hannah, and I 😉). I've worked in lighting and sound design, stage management, props design, directing, and producing. All of these creative aspects of my skills give me a unique perspective when it comes to photography. My career is built on planning and problem solving. I love being able to take a situation that doesn't go to plan and find a new approach that turns out better than I could have imagined. 

I won't stop talking about the female gaze, Red Bull flavors, the destruction of capitalism, tattoos, and my Corgi, Lemon. 

Specialty areas include: boudoir and arts photography

Whitney Miller, Cleveland boudoir and wedding photographer

photo, Keli Schimelpfenig

Nina Aust

Player Four, Super Nina, Mom to MJ

My love of photography started young when my aunt handed me my first camera. It was love at first site. In high school I would take my camera to all of our Drama Club rehearsals and shows and enjoy capturing special moments.


In college I got my BBA in Computer Information Systems and have spent my career working on computers.


However, over the years I have not forgotten my love of photography. What I do best is theatrical photography (a theme you will notice amongst Shiny Penny folks), event photography, and family photos ESPECIALLY those with kids (I am a total goofball who will do anything to get your and your family laughing). But mostly I love capturing those candid moments between people that are so special.


When not behind the camera lens you will find me on stage, hanging out with my wife & toddler, living the tiny dog life with our toy chihuahua & mini weenie or dancing, and singing to the songs in my head!


I’m a proud member of the Alphabet Mafia (LGBTQIA+) & have been living the sober life for (almost) 10 years.  


Specialty areas include families, styled children's sessions, arts events, landscapes, theater photography.

Specialty areas include: families, styled children's sessions, arts events

Nina Aust, Cleveland Photographer part of Shiny Penny Studios focus on family and special events

photo, Keli Schimelpfenig


Goodest Girl, Co-Pilot, Model, Security, and Human Resources

Nutmeg is a 9 lb. mutt adopted in 2018 by Keli. Her hair is inexplicable, but she is an expert snuggler and adventurer. Also know for her feature in Dad Bods: A Year of Midwest Sexy and select wedding photoshoots. As a studio dog, it is quite appropriate that her favorite food is CHEESE!

Cleveland dog model, Nutmeg a mutt or schnoodle
Love Notes From Our Clients

Connie and Andy

Shiny Penny Studios did a FANTASTIC job on both my engagement photos and my wedding photos!! Hannah understood the feel we were going for and have a lot of great direction when I asked for help planning. I’d highly recommend them for any memorable occasion from family photos to weddings!!! I can’t wait to use their services again.


Schimelpfenig (shim-ul-finn-egg) is not the easiest last name to pronounce so I decided to go with the English translation of the name that my family was (long-ago) told translated to "shiny penny." I cruise along a few years with the name and then I meet a couple from Germany who smile and then say "moldy penny," after I tell them my name. I give them a confused (and perhaps horrified) look and the woman then explains that my last name translates to "moldy penny." Google translate verified the dirty family lie. Someone asked afterward if I would be changing the business name and I said the only name I would be changing would be my last name - Keli Glänzendpfenig has a ring to it!

photo, Andy Dudik