Headshot Tips from a Theatre Director/Photographer

Traditional headshot sessions for actors are now changing to include full body views as well as traditional shots from your shoulders to the top of your head. For actors we suggest doing some full body shots in a couple of different outfit choices. Most tv and theatre directors are now requesting full body views and digital cameras make it much easier to accomplish a variety of looks in one session. 

We also suggest that you think about various poses and looks that may help directors see you have casting variety. Contrasts are a good way to help you stand out from the crowd. Before your session think of some various poses of future characters or roles you could see yourself playing. Some outfit selections can portray innocence, tough girl, or creative business professional with changing out a blazer for a leather jacket over a basic top. 

What to wear for headshots for actors?

The first thing that about 90% of people ask. I always suggest a classic shirt, sweater or top that matches your eye color, a basic black good fitting t-shirt and a suit jacket option for men.  Avoid white or small patterns like houndstooth or small stripes. Those patterns can create a strange wavy appearance on screens. Logos or non-organizational related clothing brands should also be avoided. 

For business professionals?

Same advice as above that I give to actors/models minus the black t-shirt. 

What about accessories?

Scarfs around the neck can add bulk and should generally be avoided. Anti-glare glasses are highly suggested if you have frames. Blue-blocking glasses will generally give off a darker tint to eyes as well as transitional lenses. We can do some photos with lenses and some without. Same for any jewelry or sunglasses or other accessories.

Where do you do your sessions?

City locations or in/studios sessions generally work better for headshots versus locations in nature/parks. We have a variety of studio locations we work out of in NE Ohio and Akron. We can also do sessions at your organization or business location. 

What about outdoor clothing changes?

I have a pop-up changing room tent that attaches to the trunk of my SUV for easy quick changes when no public restroom is available. 

Hair and Makeup Help?

If this is not a specialty area for you we have plenty of stylists to suggest to arrange pre-session hair or makeup on location.

We're always happy to answer any other questions you have to make the process a bit easier and less daunting.