Small Business Branding Photography

Did you know that photos of business owners and people who produce products generally get way more social media traction than images of their products? Humans are naturally coded to be drawn to human faces and especially familiar faces. The more we are in front of our customers sharing our personality and adventures the more likely they are to reach out and trust us with capturing their memories.

One of my business goals for 2022 was to dive into our own studio branding a bit more and showing you all a bit more of the behind the scene views. Part of this included doing our own monthly branding sessions, more photo journal entries to share our secret sauce, and showing up more on social media.

Hannah and I had 40 minutes to rock out a whole collection of new headshots, photos for use on web and socials. These images also tell you a bit more about us without having to use any words.

What do your customers know about the person behind the products?